www.chronistsempelis.com Helps You Measure Your SEO Strategy’s Success

A lot of SEO consultants put so much emphasis on measuring the success of your SEO strategy after it has been put in place. They say this for good reason. Measuring and tracking the success of your SEO strategy ensures that the money and the effort that you and your company spent creating it are not in vain. Measuring and tracking also helps ensure that your strategy is indeed working. If it is not working then you can easily make adjustments based on the analysis that your SEO consultant has made.

The way that different SEO consultants measure the SEO strategy’s success differs with every product or client. That’s because every product and business are unique. One campaign may work for one product but won’t work for a similar product just because they are made by a different manufacturer and other reasons. The goals of different businesses may also vary so the metrics also differ because of this. At www.chronistsempelis.com we measure SEO campaigns specific to the client or the product.


Here are some of the things that we use to measure and track the success of every SEO strategy we put up.

1. We track search engine referrals –

Search engines play a huge part on the success of your SEO strategy so it is only natural that we look at how they are affecting your SEO campaign primarily. We look at how all the most important search engines contribute to the traffic to your site by looking at market share. Search engine referrals from each site are tracked to know which ones your clients use the most to search for your product. Market share also lets us know where most of your client comes from. Once we know which search engines your clients use then we can adjust SEO strategies based on how that particular search engine algorithm work.

A drop in search engine referrals also lets us know if there is a problem with your website or campaign. Consider a drop of referrals from all the biggest search engines versus a drop of referrals from only one search engine alone. The former scenario can tell us that there is a problem with accessibility to the site or some other technical problem while the latter may tell us that the campaign needs to be revised to fit the criteria of that one search engine.

SEO Strategy

2. We track keywords –

We at www.chronistsempelis.com time and time again provide emphasis on how important keywords are to your SEO campaign so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the things that we measure and track. We track how each keyword is doing in terms of bringing in traffic. If a particular keyword isn’t working then we scrap that and replace it with a different one. On the other hand, it if a keyword is working very well, we come up with variations of the same or similar strategies in order to take advantage of the traffic that it generates.

When we track keywords we also ensure that we track them on a regular basis. We track them generally on a weekly basis to see how much traffic it is generating but we can track them more often if you require us to. People’s minds change a lot. There’s no predicting how people use search engines to find what they need. By constantly looking at how keywords are doing we can track when a particular keyword is relevant and when it is not. Visit www.chronistsempelis.com to book an appointment with our consultants to find out more about different tracking strategies we employ.


3. We track all of sources of traffic to your site –

Whether it is from search engine, from link backs and other sources, our strategists at www.chronistsempelis.com keep on top of things by looking at where the most traffic comes from. Knowing where traffic comes from can help us identify where the SEO campaign needs revising and which ones need boosting. Finding out where the SEO campaign is more effective also lets us know that this is where the majority of your clients come from. If for example you are a company that sells arts and craft materials and we find that the SEO strategy we have put up is working better from link backs from blogs and relevant industry influencers then we can strengthen our strategy using these channels to make your product more visible.

This is not to say that we will abandon all strategies from different channels and focus on this one area alone. We don’t like putting our eggs in one basket. We want to make sure that your source of traffic is diversified. This scenario tells us that we need to beef up our campaign in the other areas so that’s what we’ll do.


SEO Services At www.chronistsempelis.com, we provide SEO services, for more information you can contact to us and visit our website.

Learning the Roots of Custom Coins and their Uses

People firstly use challenge coins to carry symbols of unity, teamwork and pride. These coins are commonly carried by the most valiant members in the society especially in the military units. Now, more and more companies are producing custom coins to support branding and recognize excellent performances; hence, this tradition is proudly continued by those who want to bring such legacy to the military, fire, and police services as well as other organizations worldwide.

Historical Highlights of Challenge Coins

There are several conflicting stories about the origin of challenge coins from various branches of government services. However, the most prevalently supported origin is the US military service history. During the World War I, this branch in the US existed as the for bearer of US Air Force. The flying troop was organized by volunteer pilots who came from different backgrounds. They were eager to utilize such technology in order to serve the country well; hence, this enthusiasm led people from universities, factories and farms to take action for their freedom.

To honor the enthusiasm of the pilots, one of the richest lieutenants made die struck bronze coins for them. That time, it served as mementos of their dedication and teamwork in the service. However, some rumors that spread claimed that the medallions were gold-plated and finely detailed. The only sure thing about this is that the pilots kept their coins and treasured them during their journey. Who would have thought that it will save one’s life someday?

Custom Coins

As the US Air Force made their way across the continent of Europe, one of the pilots’ aircraft experienced damage and landed to an enemy’s territory. The pilot was captured by a German army and confiscated all his belongings except the most important detail. He was kept as a prisoner in a war facility and struggled to escape his captors. While the German group was transporting him to POW camp, they decided to spend the night in a village. During that night, British men raided the village and the pilot was able to escape.

He managed to reach some allied French army group in the nearby area. However, he realized that it was still risky for him to expose himself. Wearing civilian outfit, he looked for a safer place where he can ask for help. Since the protocol is to never trust a civilian, the French allies demanded him to show proof that he was part of the US Air Force. Luckily, he was wearing the medallion that the lieutenant gave them. He showed it to the soldiers and saved his life. The pilot escaped his supposed execution and went home.

The Increasing Value of Custom Military Coins

The pilot’s plight spread nationwide and officials honored his bravery. Now, the coins are used to symbolize courage, unity and loyalty. However, among other things, there are custom coins today that are produced to help businesses become a highly recognized brand in the world. As a result, the revolution of challenge coins has significantly enhanced its uses while also providing people the exact solution they need. Finding a reliable coin manufacturer in the country can be daunting if we don’t know where to start.

For those who are currently looking for an excellent company that can provide quality custom coins, there are so many websites to choose from. However, it is important to ensure company experience by checking out their customer reviews online, or you can do some research to guarantee quality and affordability before placing an order. However, you don’t need to worry because you can depend on ChallegeCoins4Less can help you achieve the exact quantity and quality you need for your business or organization.

Custom Military Coins

Finding the Best Coin Manufacturer in the Country

The day challenge coins were initially used is still seen today as a monumental highlight in American history. Although the coins were popularly known as medallions way back in World War I, it clearly made a significant part in the military service. The symbolic bonds made by these coins have become more important than ever. Today, you will witness the prevalent use of custom coins in different branches of service worldwide. In fact, the customers who buy from ChallengeCoins4Less come from other countries. The establishment of such tradition within the armed forces, which is still practiced these days, is obviously thriving rather than dying.

We don’t expect challenge coins to just fade away because of its importance in all walks of life. In fact, there is no sign this practice will disappear anytime soon. The only sure thing we can say about challenge coins is that the purpose of these items has reached the marketing arena. The custom military coins offered by many companies prove existence in the long run; hence, ChallengeCoins4Less can be your leading choice when it comes to premium, custom challenge coins available in the market today.

The Different Phases of PCB Fabrication

Our PCB fabrication involves many phases before we ship the circuit boards to the assembly house. Before we talk about the stages involved, we want to reiterate that the fabrication and assembly stages are the two major processes. We perform these processes before PCBs become functional and are ready for shipping to our final consumers. Those consumers are the electronics companies who order from us and one of them might be you. Each process consists of another set of procedures and we will discuss them in this article.

PCB Design

Our process starts with designing your PCB. We create the design through a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system. By the way, we offer it as part of the fabrication contract. If you do not want to avail of this value-added service, you can still send us your design. We check your design’s viability. Before we proceed with the fabrication, we make sure that your design is free of flaws.

We see to it that you describe all the aspects of the fabrication process in the Gerber files you sent us. These descriptions include notations on solder masks and components, the type of assembly method, and the purpose of the PCB, among other essential things that you should describe in your design.

By doing this extra checking procedure, we are helping you eliminate added PCB fabrication costs. When we find an error in your design, we coordinate such to your design team. We do not alter your design without explaining as to why we should change the design schematics. After your approval of the final design, we proceed with the process of raw materials selection.

PCB Design

Here are a few reminders from us:

  1. Use extended Gerber file format for easy and fast analysis of your design. Besides, this is the standard format of today’s fabrication of PCBs.
  2. Do not scale your design. Use the 1:1 ratio to avoid errors during the PCB manufacturing.
  3. Lastly, use uniform units of measurement throughout your design. If you use inches in your Gerber files, do the same with the other file data. Conversion may cause errors while we fabricate your PCBs.


Raw Materials Selection

Pcb fabricationNow, we move on to PCB fabrication, in which raw materials selection is important. First, we select the substrates. We at pcbnet use fiberglass epoxy resin or the popular FR-4 for the dielectric layers and copper for the conducting layers. The other types of PCB substrates are the phenolic resin, which we use for household electronic devices.

Dielectric materials insulate the copper layers and prevent them from creating short circuits between the electronic components. The copper layers can be either on one side or on both sides of the board, depending on your requirement for PCB.

We use a board with a single-sided copper layer for simple PCBs. For multi-functional devices, we often use a board with double-sided copper layers. Double sided are applicable for surface mounting technology, where both we place components on both sides of the board.

Aside from the substrates, we prepare the electronic components for placement. These components include resistors, transistors, and light emitting diodes, capacitors, and integrated circuits chips. We use these materials in the assembly process.

Making the Substrates

Most often, the substrates are still in their sheet forms. We cut the dielectric materials and copper layers into the specific dimensions described on the design. First, we create a single large board. We feed these sheets into a machine to press them together. After the pressing machine, the boards undergo a curing process to make sure that the substrates can conduct and maintain electrical currents once we place electronic components on individual PCBs.

We cut the large boards into smaller substrates, using the actual dimensions of the PCBs. If the assembly method is through-hole technology, we drill the holes for placing the electronic components. Otherwise, we drill holes for the screws and other non-electronic components.

Circuit Printing

This is the final phase of PCB fabrication before we transfer the circuit boards to the assembly team. The printing phase is an intricate process of establishing the circuitry of the board. We use etching or embossing method.

The etching method is using chemicals to remove the inessential parts of the circuit board while the embossing method uses the direct printing of the circuitry to the board. The newest technology today is the use of ink jet technology. This technology eliminates the need for solder paste stenciling. As a result, it eliminates a few more errors in the reflow of the solder paste. Incorrect paste stencil leads PCB defects.

The PCB fabrication process is a complex stage wherein creating the right substrates should involve an accurate designing process. The quality of the PCBs depends on the many factors. These factors include error-free design, good fabrication practices, and selection of quality materials. We at pcbnet strive to deliver good output by abiding with the regulations for the proper handling of materials and sticking to the standards.

How To Ensure Motivational-Speaker-Success

How do you know that you are selecting the right motivational speaker for your organization?

There are basic things that serve as effective predictors for motivational-speaker-success.

The speaker must demonstrate that he is trustworthy, sincere and credible. He is only effective if his audience sees that he is compelled to inspire his audience towards certain realizations that will prompt them to make changes for the better. If the speaker simply comes as mechanically “reciting” his message, he is not likely to inspire his audience.

SpeakerMany motivational speakers are leaders in their fields with their own personal stories about how they managed to make significant changes in their lives. They tell you about the steps they took to accomplish challenging goals. Their stories are compelling; their successes, fascinating.

However, it takes more than just engaging stories – no matter how undeniably convincing — to bring about motivational-speaker-success. A truly effective speaker must compel his audience to want to change. He must spark a deep desire to make things better.

It is not enough to simply kindle an interest in changing. Many speakers demonstrate little, or sometimes, no staying power past their opening presentations. The spark they stir up is usually temporary – short-lived. If you want to reap fruit from your investment in a motivational speaker, you want to see a marked difference in the way your staff think and act after the talk or training. An effective motivational speaker must be capable of providing a program, which enables your staff to sustain their desire for change. He must provide tools that will sustain disposition and energy for change.

The content of the talk is another indicator of motivational-speaker-success. The audience must see sense in it. It must be relatable, important, and helpful to the participants. It must help the audience realize the importance of setting goals, and it must give them the necessary tools to help them accomplish these goals. It is not enough for the content to be interesting and engaging. It must be practical and useful, as well.

Looking for the right motivational speaker is not always easy. You have to be discerning in your search. If you want someone who can simply keep his audience entertained, you have a vast number of speakers as options. However, if you want someone who can motivate his audience to aspire for higher levels of performance, then you need to look for who offers an effective, unique and doable program for change.

A motivational speaker may think that his services were contracted because he knows things that the people in your organization do not. He is likely to relate to his audience with this mind set and disposition. He is likely to treat his participants from a standpoint of command. He feels that he is in command.

But is he correct? Does he really know what his participants know? Does he understand how they feel? Does he know what they truly aspire for?

SpeakerAre the participants likely to appreciate being coached command-control style? Or are they likely to benefit more from a cooperative style? Will they rather be dictated on or will they prefer working together effectively to accomplish goals?

A motivational speaker who seeks to also learn from his participants tends to create an environment of cooperation. He is capable of underscoring the significance of teamwork. He can create a sense that “we” are working to accomplish our goals together. Research on motivational-speaker-success shows that a motivational speaker who makes his audience understand and appreciate the essence of cooperation by the very way he relates to them is likely to make a deeper and more significant impact on his audience.

If you want a motivational speaker who can come up with programs tailored to address your organization’s unique and specific needs and objectives, you can simply get in touch with us at motivational-speaker-success.com. We offer an effective and innovative system that go beyond the traditional to ensure that your organization gets the most from our services.

Ultimate List Of Golf Hybrid Clubs In 2016

There are multiple types and versions of adjustability in all hybrid clubs to allow developing and better golfers in optimizing their skills while mitigating any mishit. But before anything else, we need to understand how these golf clubs work in order to benefit from the features they offer. So a hybrid club is a hybrid designed using wood and iron. It seeks to provide advantage of each material in one club so that players enjoy better performance and comfort. The hybrid club also minimizes the common sacrifices made when playing golf so more golfers choose this rather than other golf clubs available in the market today. Rockbottomgolf.com are providing you best option of golf clubs.

Below are the hybrid clubs to choose from so that you are guaranteed to experience higher level of confidence and comfort when playing in the greens:
  • Callaway Apex
  • Callaway XR/Pro/OS
  • Cobra King F6
  • Mizuno JPX EZ
  • Ping G
  • TaylorMade M1
  • Titlist 816H1/H2
  • Tour Edge Exotics EX9/Tour
  • Ben Hogan VKTR
  • Nike Vapor Fly
  • Ping G Crossover
  • TaylorMade M2
  • Wilson FG Tour F5

These are only some of the hybrid clubs offered at Rockbottomgolf. If you are interested to know more about our golf clubs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. Meanwhile, our modern hybrids are excellent alternative for those who are tired of using their old golf clubs. This is also a great solution to lower mishit rates while enjoying the comfort that a hybrid club can give.

Why struggle with a hard-to-hit long iron when you can have a hybrid to support competitive golfing needs?
Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Club

Many golfers know how tough it is to handle high-lofted fairway wood. And if you also experience the same issues with your existing golf club, we suggest that you switch to a hybrid version in order to achieve better scoring. And now that the category of hybrids is packed with better options, some players choose downsized metal woods to level up their golfing skills. Also, the head style and shot shape of our clubs attract more customers due to unique design and promising comfort in every stroke. So what are you waiting for? Check out these top hybrids today and take advantage of high-end club for ultimate game experience.

Golf Accessories

By using a hybrid club, you get the benefits of accuracy and distance technologies for better plays. In fact, the high-strength stainless steel alloys within the flexible sole or in the club-face feature an additional zip in order to overcome shot challenges from faraway distances. In addition, the innovative internal weighting helps making shots launch through optimized spin so that even further distances have controlled ball flight. The hybrid clubs offered at Rockbottomgolf are guaranteed with the ultimate features every golfer needs so that they will overcome any challenge in the greens.

Other Benefits when Using Top-Of-The-Line Hybrids

The new hybrids available this year have wrap-around cup and face thickness designs. However, there are some models that provide compact features and shapes that have a little higher center of gravity so shots are produced with more initial velocity while getting steeper landing angles in the course. With these new golf clubs, you can also make better strokes through the right hybrid and setup. Just remember that making the best decision from the plethora of options in front of you is still important. You may consider design, technology, or even cost but never overlook the quality of each hybrid.
Golf ClubThrough combined qualities of fairway wood and iron into on golf club, rest assured that you will enjoy more features as well as benefits you exactly need. Let Rockbottomgolf help you find the perfect club you want for your golfing needs and save time and efforts in scouring the web. With ultimate versatility when it comes to features and designs, you are sure to get the value of your money once you’ve decided to buy a hybrid club from us. We will show you how to benefit from these hybrids and win in your games. As a matter of fact, many golfers choose our brand because of the quality we are always able to deliver.

Whether you are fond of playing golf from the rough, off the fairway, or off a tee, this is indeed the best solution you can use. Don’t waste your money by settling for anything less. Let us help you level up your golfing skills with an excellent hybrid club that matches your exact expectations. Please do check out our website to see which hybrid suits your current requirements.

Choosing Quality Article Writing Services

writing skillWhen you want to have the edge in the online world, you will need to hire quality article writing services. They will help get the business advantage you need by providing user-friendly content, optimizing your site for search engine preferences, and supporting your marketing objectives.

Compared to self-written articles such as blogs and product or service promotions, articles prepared by professional writers will give you a better chance on the internet. Spending your money on contracting article writers is never a poor investment, provided of course that you hire the right people.

With the growing menu of services offered by article writers, you need to choose the best option for your business. There are many options available to you when it comes to article writing: professional writing services, freelancers, and SEO companies.

Professional writing services can provide you with great content in a timely manner. You can also be sure of the quality of your articles as most professional writing services conduct a thorough plagiarism check. They will also be able to help you optimize keywords in order for your site to be immediately recognized and ranked by search engines.

Professional writing services do not provide generic content. By consulting with you and understanding your business goals, they will be able to prepare articles that are directed at the right audience.  The articles they produce are highly engaging and fit your unique business marketing needs. When you get the right content, you can use it as an effective promotional tool to increase your business visibility and ensure success.

If you are not concerned about other aspects such as SEO, you can opt to get articles from freelancers. These writers work independently and can deliver quality content, usually at a lower price. However, their article writing services may be limited to their expertise.

writerAn SEO services company, on the other hand, offers a variety of services such as blogging, social media marketing and website maintenance. If you want to save time and effort in managing your online presence, you can just get an SEO services company to do it for you. They are experts at using social media campaigns to promote your brand or business and they can also handle email marketing for you.  SEO services companies do not specialize in only one aspect of website content creation and management.  They can be your one-stop shop for online business requirements. However, you need to consider that hiring one may prove to be costly as each service is charged independently.

Outsourcing your content needs is good and the choice of where to get it is dependent on your business needs. You should, however, consider the business returns to measure the success of your website’s performance. There are many online tools that can provide you with a comprehensive report of how you are doing online.

The rates for article writing services vary depending on your content provider. You should think twice about simply getting the cheapest available services – it does not mean that you will be able to save. What matters is that your investment will give a good return in terms of a significant number of visits and conversions.

It is always good to ask for samples of writing work before you enter into a contract with a professional writing service, freelancer or SEO company. Make sure that you hire someone who can truly give you high quality content. By checking samples, you will see what their areas of expertise are and match it with your online business needs.

Keep in mind that a thriving online business comes as a result of different techniques put together – creative and engaging content, email marketing and social media campaigns.  Find the best article writing service that will make a difference in your brand and business.