Author: Harry Armstrong Helps You Measure Your SEO Strategy’s Success

A lot of SEO consultants put so much emphasis on measuring the success of your SEO strategy after it has been put in place. They say this for good reason. Measuring and tracking the success of your SEO strategy ensures that the money and the effort that you and your company spent creating it are not in vain. Measuring and tracking also helps ensure that your strategy is indeed working. If it is not working then you can easily make adjustments based on the analysis that your SEO consultant has made.

The way that different SEO consultants measure the SEO strategy’s success differs with every product or client. That’s because every product and business are unique. One campaign may work for one product but won’t work for a similar product just because they are made by a different manufacturer and other reasons. The goals of different businesses may also vary so the metrics also differ because of this. At we measure SEO campaigns specific to the client or the product.


Here are some of the things that we use to measure and track the success of every SEO strategy we put up.

1. We track search engine referrals –

Search engines play a huge part on the success of your SEO strategy so it is only natural that we look at how they are affecting your SEO campaign primarily. We look at how all the most important search engines contribute to the traffic to your site by looking at market share. Search engine referrals from each site are tracked to know which ones your clients use the most to search for your product. Market share also lets us know where most of your client comes from. Once we know which search engines your clients use then we can adjust SEO strategies based on how that particular search engine algorithm work.

A drop in search engine referrals also lets us know if there is a problem with your website or campaign. Consider a drop of referrals from all the biggest search engines versus a drop of referrals from only one search engine alone. The former scenario can tell us that there is a problem with accessibility to the site or some other technical problem while the latter may tell us that the campaign needs to be revised to fit the criteria of that one search engine.

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2. We track keywords –

We at time and time again provide emphasis on how important keywords are to your SEO campaign so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the things that we measure and track. We track how each keyword is doing in terms of bringing in traffic. If a particular keyword isn’t working then we scrap that and replace it with a different one. On the other hand, it if a keyword is working very well, we come up with variations of the same or similar strategies in order to take advantage of the traffic that it generates.

When we track keywords we also ensure that we track them on a regular basis. We track them generally on a weekly basis to see how much traffic it is generating but we can track them more often if you require us to. People’s minds change a lot. There’s no predicting how people use search engines to find what they need. By constantly looking at how keywords are doing we can track when a particular keyword is relevant and when it is not. Visit to book an appointment with our consultants to find out more about different tracking strategies we employ.


3. We track all of sources of traffic to your site –

Whether it is from search engine, from link backs and other sources, our strategists at keep on top of things by looking at where the most traffic comes from. Knowing where traffic comes from can help us identify where the SEO campaign needs revising and which ones need boosting. Finding out where the SEO campaign is more effective also lets us know that this is where the majority of your clients come from. If for example you are a company that sells arts and craft materials and we find that the SEO strategy we have put up is working better from link backs from blogs and relevant industry influencers then we can strengthen our strategy using these channels to make your product more visible.

This is not to say that we will abandon all strategies from different channels and focus on this one area alone. We don’t like putting our eggs in one basket. We want to make sure that your source of traffic is diversified. This scenario tells us that we need to beef up our campaign in the other areas so that’s what we’ll do.


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