Learning the Roots of Custom Coins and their Uses

People firstly use challenge coins to carry symbols of unity, teamwork and pride. These coins are commonly carried by the most valiant members in the society especially in the military units. Now, more and more companies are producing custom coins to support branding and recognize excellent performances; hence, this tradition is proudly continued by those who want to bring such legacy to the military, fire, and police services as well as other organizations worldwide.

Historical Highlights of Challenge Coins

There are several conflicting stories about the origin of challenge coins from various branches of government services. However, the most prevalently supported origin is the US military service history. During the World War I, this branch in the US existed as the for bearer of US Air Force. The flying troop was organized by volunteer pilots who came from different backgrounds. They were eager to utilize such technology in order to serve the country well; hence, this enthusiasm led people from universities, factories and farms to take action for their freedom.

To honor the enthusiasm of the pilots, one of the richest lieutenants made die struck bronze coins for them. That time, it served as mementos of their dedication and teamwork in the service. However, some rumors that spread claimed that the medallions were gold-plated and finely detailed. The only sure thing about this is that the pilots kept their coins and treasured them during their journey. Who would have thought that it will save one’s life someday?

Custom Coins

As the US Air Force made their way across the continent of Europe, one of the pilots’ aircraft experienced damage and landed to an enemy’s territory. The pilot was captured by a German army and confiscated all his belongings except the most important detail. He was kept as a prisoner in a war facility and struggled to escape his captors. While the German group was transporting him to POW camp, they decided to spend the night in a village. During that night, British men raided the village and the pilot was able to escape.

He managed to reach some allied French army group in the nearby area. However, he realized that it was still risky for him to expose himself. Wearing civilian outfit, he looked for a safer place where he can ask for help. Since the protocol is to never trust a civilian, the French allies demanded him to show proof that he was part of the US Air Force. Luckily, he was wearing the medallion that the lieutenant gave them. He showed it to the soldiers and saved his life. The pilot escaped his supposed execution and went home.

The Increasing Value of Custom Military Coins

The pilot’s plight spread nationwide and officials honored his bravery. Now, the coins are used to symbolize courage, unity and loyalty. However, among other things, there are custom coins today that are produced to help businesses become a highly recognized brand in the world. As a result, the revolution of challenge coins has significantly enhanced its uses while also providing people the exact solution they need. Finding a reliable coin manufacturer in the country can be daunting if we don’t know where to start.

For those who are currently looking for an excellent company that can provide quality custom coins, there are so many websites to choose from. However, it is important to ensure company experience by checking out their customer reviews online, or you can do some research to guarantee quality and affordability before placing an order. However, you don’t need to worry because you can depend on ChallegeCoins4Less can help you achieve the exact quantity and quality you need for your business or organization.

Custom Military Coins

Finding the Best Coin Manufacturer in the Country

The day challenge coins were initially used is still seen today as a monumental highlight in American history. Although the coins were popularly known as medallions way back in World War I, it clearly made a significant part in the military service. The symbolic bonds made by these coins have become more important than ever. Today, you will witness the prevalent use of custom coins in different branches of service worldwide. In fact, the customers who buy from ChallengeCoins4Less come from other countries. The establishment of such tradition within the armed forces, which is still practiced these days, is obviously thriving rather than dying.

We don’t expect challenge coins to just fade away because of its importance in all walks of life. In fact, there is no sign this practice will disappear anytime soon. The only sure thing we can say about challenge coins is that the purpose of these items has reached the marketing arena. The custom military coins offered by many companies prove existence in the long run; hence, ChallengeCoins4Less can be your leading choice when it comes to premium, custom challenge coins available in the market today.

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